78. Fast forward.

Running tip #78

I’m not a big advocate of weight lifting … mostly because I’ve never had as much time as other full-time runners to do all the little extras … but if you DO go to the weight room or gym, I highly recommend this one machine for increasing your sprinting explosiveness. ¬†I don’t know what it’s called, but when I googled “circular leg weight machine” the following photo showed up:


This is the correct machine, but this ^ is not the most beneficial use of said circular contraption.

Turn sideways and use the machine this way:


so that you can strengthen your sprinting form by directly working the muscles that propel you forward FAST. Using this machine for toning your¬†adductor muscles may help you swim the breast stroke or keep you from having to wear spanx under your yoga pants …


but if your goal is to run fastER, then turn sideways to choose “body fast” over “body beautiful.”

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