101. runner for life

Running tip #101 … play outside every day!


From my earliest memory, I was always that kid who couldn’t wait to go outside and play.  In school I watched the clock until the recess bell rang and after school I raced home to throw my things on the kitchen counter, change into my play clothes, then bolt outside.  I think I became a professional runner (and a coach) because it was the only way I could get paid for playing outside every day.

Don’t be an “exerciser” who begrudgingly grouses, “I have to run.”

Be a runner-for-life who joyfully affirms, “I get to run!”

And now for my final trick … a vanishing act.

Thanks for reading <3



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  1. Randy Mullis

    What an adorable baby! 🙂

    Thanks for all 101 tips, Joan!


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