77. 100 seconds

Running tip #77 … out rest back rest out rest rest rest  … (hear the rhythm?)

I’d forgotten about a favorite workout until I did it this morning with seejanerun, my running club of moms.  Here we are lining up for The Owl’s Roost Rumble, a trail 1/2 marathon we all ran several years ago:


In preparation for an April goal race, we are at the point in our training where we can enjoy what I call a big meal of intervals.  Up until now, we’ve been building our appetite (so to speak) with shorter, easier, “pleasantly fatiguing” workout/snacks … so today’s meal satisfied that deep hunger runner’s get when closing in on a goal race.

Warm up 15 minutes, then change into whatever racing shoes you plan to wear in goal race.


On a stretch of trail that can accommodate 2-3 people abreast, run hard for exactly 100 seconds and mark your end-point with a big stick or a tossed tee-shirt.  Regroup and recover and for 75 seconds.  Then, turn back to re-trace your steps for another 100-second fast interval, making it to or beyond the original starting point.  Recover, again, for 75 seconds before setting off on the 3rd of three 100-second intervals in a set.

Between sets, jog back to the very beginning and wait until your heart rate is back under 100 before set #2 … usually it takes about 3-4 minutes. 670px-Lower-Resting-Heart-Rate-Step-6

Advanced runners do 3 sets of 3 for 9 total intervals.

Us old gals get full after 2 sets.

Save room for dessert and cool down for 15 minutes!

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