28. The Cheater Peel.

Running tip #28

If you want to “feel” faster in order to potentially run faster in successive intervals, try using what my friend Jim refers to as “The Cheater Peel.”  Here’s how it works.  If, for example, you are doing 6 X 700m grass loops on a blustery day in January, you will likely be bundled up with hat, gloves, several under layers and maybe a vest.  On interval #1 you wear all your layers to work up an honest sweat, then for 2 and 3 you shed the vest.  Now, at the halfway point of the workout, you are really quite warm, so on interval #4 you jettison one of your long-sleeved shirts.  Each time you drop an article of clothing, you drop a second or two on your 700m time because you feel lighter (you are not actually that much lighter; you just think you are). On interval 5, toss your hat and gloves to the side mid-stride … and on your final effort (“The last one is the fast one!”) skin down to your jog bra or bare chest for the full Tarzan effect of The Cheater Peel.


Jim teased us for using The Cheater Peel because he didn’t need any fancy tricks to run fast;  he used good old-fashioned will-power to stay king of the cruise interval jungle.  No cheater peel required.


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