34. Pella Windows

Running tip #34

Have you ever heard of Pella Windows whose motto reads, “Go from cold to cozy”?

Their windows offer expert insulation through the use of double panes:


For tip #34, try my Pella Windows plan for optimal day-before-race-day prep.  If your race is on a Saturday, on your Friday pre-race, easy 3-mile run wear long tights with a pair of heavy-ish sweatpants overtop.  Run the entire 25 minutes with both layers (creating a third heat-producing layer of air in the middle) so that you are nearly sweating bullets by the end of the run.


At the end of 25 minutes, strip down to just the tights for 6 X 80m strides with your legs feeling really warm and loose.  Then, pull the heavy sweats back on for a final 5-minute jog to feel practically perfect in every way  going into race day!

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