41. Take that rate and double it!

Running tip #41 …


Harkening back to the ACC championships I wrote about in #39, I wanted to give you an easy tip for calculating how fast you should be able to race a 10k if you’ve never run one before.  Anyone who ran cross-country in high school knows his/her 5k PR … so, to accurately predict your 10k time use this simple formula: take your 5k time and double it; then, if you are a male, add a minute and if you are a female, add 75 seconds.

Example … I ran 15:52 for 5k my senior year at UNC before ever trying the 10k.

15:52 doubled = 31:44

I’m a female … so, 31:44 + 75 seconds = 32:59

I ran 33:01 at ACC’s (a near bullseye) because this fail-safe formula helped me predict my time and plan my race accordingly.

“Will you do me a favor?  Will you take that rate and double it!?”

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