49. … a so-so trick

Running tip #49

What to do about all those race tee-shirts overflowing in your dresser drawer or closet?

I say Go Green!   Re-cycle and re-use by making a tee-shirt quilt.  There are many options for outsourcing the work (even a little company called The T-Shirt Quilt Cafe) but I prefer to sew my own.  Back in the 80’s all the race tees were made out of cotton, so my old Kenmore sewing machine with straight stitching (and a fancy zig-zag foot attachment!) was enough to do the job.  But, nowadays, the technical tees require sewing machines with computerized bells & whistles in order to work with the stretchy, high-tech/wick-away material.  Just look at the difference between the two:

SONY DSC  sewing_machine_husqvarna_viking

For my college-bound daughter, I made a dorm-room quilt out of all the t-shirts she had amassed since pre-school … with the inner section from elementary/middle school and the outer frame from high-school:


I also like to make baby quilts for running friends out of favorite old shirts that belong to each parent (and from any other children in the family).  Here is one I made that includes a race tee-shirt from the Philadelphia half-marathon pieced in with all the others from a family of five:


I guess, technically, #49 isn’t a running trick … however, it is a tip about running, “sew” it counts.  I realize it’s just a so-so tip (haha, get it?) but 365 is a LOT, people!  

I’m thinking of stopping at 101.

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