55. Read, watch, and be inspired!

Running tip #55


Before every major race, I had a ritual of going to a coffee shop with something inspiring to read so I could prepare my mind for what my body was about to endure.  There’s nothing worse than hurtling you body into a race when your mind is unready … or worse, unwilling, to take the pain.  I would save choice articles from Track and field news or Running Times magazine  (now defunct) to read during this focus time.  And over the years I amassed quite a library of motivational running biographies to aid me in my quest (my favorite was a book I borrowed called The Golden Mile on Herb Elliot – copies are now selling for $275.00 – because I was/am obsessed with the Australian coach, Percy Cerutty).  Now, here’s a book title for you!


As time passed, and the electronic age won out over the written word, the internet also provided me with a bounty of inspiration (i.e. my favorite Ted talk by Itay Talgam).  So, for trick #55 on this snowy day in February, give a listen to chess champion Josh Waitzkin as he explains the “mental side of competition” and the concept of  “making smaller circles” from his book The Art of Learning:

Part 1 of the interview may be found here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N4uoekuP7E

Read, watch, and be inspired!

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