15. “Why should I practice running slow?”

Running tip #15

My mention of snowshoes yesterday brings to mind a hero of mine, Czechoslovakian triple-gold medalist from 1952, Emil Zatopek.  Track history buffs credit him with pioneering the use of “intervals” in training and track geeks the world over admire his capacity for grueling self-punishment (sick, I know).  I became a Zatopek fan after I heard the story of him doing 10-mile cross-country morning runs through the snow in snowshoes with his wife on his back.  Yep, you read that correctly.  He ran with his wife on his back!  Now, obviously, my tip of the day is NOT to run with your wife (or your husband) on your back, but this:  be innovative in your training.  If you want to run fast or fastER, figure out a way to do it.



(attention, running geeks … click on the video from ^ link)

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