14. Don’t be a fancy cat.

Running tip #14

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When you’re in a cross-country or trail race and you approach a puddle, don’t join the majority of people who slow down and try to tiptoe around the perimeter like a finicky cat.  You’re wasting valuable time and momentum when you do this … and, let’s face it, eventually your feet are going to get soaked anyway.   Just plow straight through the middle with a “whole” foot strike.   Toe runners, mid-foot, and heel-strikers all must learn to use their whole foot like a snowshoe for proper puddle-running technique.  Imagine your foot as a bike tire trying to maneuver in the muddy muck; a thin, road-bike tire is going to slip and slide but a mountain-bike tire (with much more surface area) will be able to grip and push off the ground with greater power & efficiency.


Of course, if you just got a brand new $150.00 pair of shoes and you don’t want to get them dirty … go ahead and tiptoe.



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3 Responses to 14. Don’t be a fancy cat.

  1. Lisa Turner

    Oh no!!!! I totally caught myself fancy catting my way around some puddles on my run this morning. I heard your voice echoing in my head and decided to snowshoe my way through the mud the rest of the way. Oh yes!!!! I had so much more fun splashing and getting dirty, and as a bonus I found some “free seconds”! Love this trick!

  2. joannesbitmabe

    I love your new term, Lisa … “fancy catting”!

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