44. Master the farmer’s shot.

Running tip #44

Several of my high school runners have been suffering from winter colds with congestion and seriously stuffy noses this season.  At an indoor meet last week, I encouraged my miler to be sure and blow a good “farmer’s shot” before her race.  Her blank-eyed gaze registered zero knowledge of my terminology … so I demonstrated (or, rather, I mimed) the one finger/one nostril technique for clearing your nasal passages.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.55.23 AMI’ve always called this The Farmer’s Shot but when I went online to look for a graphic (ewwww!) I see it is more commonly referred to as The Snot Rocket.  So, for tip #44 I say learn to master The Farmer’s Shot on a run. If you have already established that you are a Fancy Cat, go ahead and stuff those lady-tissues up your sleeve.  Or, if you must, sacrifice a pair of gloves to the laundry pile.  But, please God, NEVER pull up the bottom of your shirt to blow your nose like a giant tee-shirt hanky.  Simply drop back from the group to discretely shoot left and shoot right … then sprint on back to catch up … no harm, no foul.  And no stuffy nose.

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  1. Dave

    After a couple decades of practice while running and riding bikes in the winter time I’ve gotten quite good at this. Beginners often end up with a “farmer’s spray” which is no good for you or the people you’re running with.

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