69. Lessons from the Geese

Running tip #69

Today I am implementing  The Urban dictionary definition of “punt” in order to not miss a day in my 365 running tricks. Oh, the wonders of copy and paste!

(I really do love this poem/reading for cross-country teams, so it IS  a real tip … just a lazy one).

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By Robert McNeish, former Assoc. Superintendent of Baltimore Public Schools, 1972

We live in an area where geese are very common. We see them coming in the Fall and leaving in early Spring. Their migration is an awesome sight.

There is interdependence in the way geese function.

FACT:   As each bird flaps its wings, it creates an “up lift” for the bird following. By flying in a “V” formation, the whole flock adds 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone.

LESSON:  People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.

FACT:  Whenever a goose falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone, it quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the “lifting power” of the bird immediately in front.

LESSON:  If we have a much sense as a goose, we will stay in formation with those who are headed where we want to go.

FACT:  When a goose gets tired, it rotates back into formation and another goose flies at the point position.

LESSON:  It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks and sharing leadership. People, as with geese, are interdependent with each other.

FACT:  The geese in formation honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.

LESSON:  We need to make sure our “honking” from behind is encouraging, not criticism or something less helpful.

FACT:  When a goose gets sick or wounded or shot down, two geese drop out of formation to follow him down to help and protect him. They stay with him until he is either able to fly again or dies. They then launch out again and join another formation or catch up with their flock.

LESSON:  If we have as much sense as the geese, we will stand by each other.

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