79. Compression socks: perception is reality.

Running tip #79

I eschew gimmicks.  Especially running gimmicks, like the breathe-right nasal-strip thingy …


or the barefoot running craze …


or the count-every-calorie-measure-every-step FitBit obsession …


If a running accessory can be categorized under “what’s hot and what’s not,” then you probably don’t need it.  However, I must concede that one new addition to the world of running paraphrenalia is NOT a gimmick.

Compression socks!

Though there is some debate over their efficacy (Do Compression Socks really work?I love my pink compression sleeves after hard workouts because it feels like my calves are being massaged while I walk around.  Even if it is a placebo, try them for yourself and see!


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  1. Dave

    I never thought in a million years that I would say this but I definitely agree.

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