64. flannel running gear?

Running tip #64

The other day I was out running on the trail and some dude blazed by me in a total hipster outfit.  Imagine this guy in running shoes, not hiking boots …


It got me to wondering, how come they don’t make running clothes in flannel?  Or do they?

[Readers please post a comment if you know of such a thing.]

It also got me to remembering a great tip from an old friend of mine.  If you’re having one of those days when you just can’t get out the door because changing into your running clothes feels like too big of a hassle, then don’t change your clothes.  Simply throw on some sneakers and head out in your “street clothes” (your khakis and oxford button-down, jeans and a dress-shirt, a skirt with tights … whatever you’re wearing) to liberate yourself from the tyranny of “proper” running attire.

I think my dude in flannel must have been having one of those days.  Or maybe he was running to Beer Study. because the roads were too icy for his fixie.

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