65. Sock options

Running trick #65

Back in the day, the “cool” runners all wore cotton gardening gloves in the winter because they were breathable, washable, and practically disposable.   Guys wore the plain brown ones:


and we ladies preferred the floral prints:


Nowadays, with all the newfangled technical dri-fit/wickaway/cool-max products on the market, the humble cotton glove is rarely seen on our fellow harriers’ hands … but, there is still a need for a less expensive hand-warming option.  My cheap frugal better half , Dave (who quotes Lonesome Dove‘s Augustus McCrae, “I’m not one to give up on a garment just because it’s got a little age.”) uses his socks for gloves with the following temperature-tiered system:

Very cold:




Sorta cold:


Fully warmed-up but still has to carry his sock-gloves:


p.s. Dave is a stock trader, so I couldn’t resist the title of this post!

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  1. Dave

    By far the most versatile running garment! I love it. That arm looks awesome in that picture. Not sure who’s that is but it looks really powerful.

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