66. Presto chango!

Running tip #66

If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t buy a monkey or a green dress (“that’s cruel”) … I would treat myself to a massage every single day by world-class track & field massage-therapist, Carolyn Levy.  But I’m not rich, so I have to save my massage indulgences for when I really need them.  Now, as an avocational runner, I use massages for healthy body and soul maintenance (good ‘ol stress relief) but when I was a serious athlete – when running was my vocation – I needed Carolyn’s professional expertise to add the final ingredient (dare I say “the final touch”?) for training and racing success.  Carolyn’s magic hands made my left leg (ahhh, track-intervals and all those left turns!) soleus tightness disappear:


and I always felt like my muscles were perfectly aligned and ready to race when I got off of her table. Presto!

For tip #66, I say do some research and find the best sports massage therapist in your town (word-of-mouth with other runners is always best) and schedule appointments for the Tuesday before a Saturday goal race.  This gives you the requisite 72 hours to flush out any soreness with plenty of water and gentle running as you peak.

If your search comes up empty, find a friend/partner/family member to help you Do it Yourself:

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