67. Janice and George

Running tip #67

Today’s trick is one I would put in the “last resort” category.  We’ve all had those days in training, those low-ebb periods that miler Jim Beatty refers to as “down cycles,” where the thought of a 10-mile run makes you want to crawl back under the covers on a Sunday morning and eat sticky buns.


All of your normal running routes seem blah and boring and you know you’re going to feel-i-shi the whole time (that’s my made up word for when I’m having the worst run EVER … Ifeelishi … pronounced eye-fill-ahh-shee, one word).  If this happens and you can’t take the day off  (b/c you only get ten buckets a year, remember?),  that’s when you need to call in the reinforcements.  Find someone to drive you 10 miles out of town and drop you off so you have to run home.  I told you this was a last resort tip!  Preferably, your cabbie will stash a bottle of water for you at the 1/2-way mark, but you can always choose a route that runs by a gas station or park water fountain.  It’s also a good idea to have those above-mentioned sticky buns waiting for you upon return. 

My friend, Janice, used point-to-point runs every Sunday.  She lived in Durham, NC but her favorite biscuit joint (Time-Out Restaurant) was in Chapel Hill, so every Sunday morning her husband, George, would drive to Time Out to read the paper and Janice would run 13 miles to meet him for breakfast.


And I know for a fact, that George dropped water-bottles half way.a-little-heart

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