9. Get your run on.

Running tip #9

Anyone who set a New Year’s resolution to run more is already starting to think it’s okay to take today (Friday) off because, hey, the week-end’s coming and you’ll have two free days to get that long run in, but then tomorrow you’ll want to sleep late – have a lie-in, as the Brits say – because the holidays are finally over (with the inlaws, outlaws, and in-between-laws well-visited) so you convince yourself you deserve to enjoy “a normal Saturday” without the pressure to do anything, including running, this thing you promised yourself you would do way back on January 1st but now are wondering, “What the heck was I thinking?!” to make promises you cannot keep with miles and miles to go before you sleep, so you might as well get that damned run over with today [this morning, in fact] and I do happen to have the perfect tip for this kind of I-don’t-wanna-run day which is rather gross but oh-so-necessary when your petulant inner child is stomping her “You can’t make me!” foot:  find the exact outfit you wore yesterday from your pile of stinky laundry and throw the whole thing in the dryer for a two-minute tumble (at which time you can brush your teeth) then plug your nose and eat your peas to get your run on.

This run-on sentence was inspired by Virginia Woolf and others …

5 Wonderfully Long Literary Sentences by Samuel Beckett, Virginia Woolf, F. Scott Fitzgerald & Other Masters of the Run-On


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