8. Oil up!

Running tip #8

Baby it’s cold outside, so here’s a tip for how to add a layer of warmth that doesn’t make you feel like the little brother from A Christmas story.


Rub a generous amount of oil all over your body before getting dressed to run.  My daughter’s cross-country team at Oberlin College heard of this insulation method before a particularly frigid race and chose to slather themselves with Olive oil on the starting line . . . but I prefer smelling like a diva rather than an Italian pizzeria, so I use the deliciously aromatic *Neutrogena “light sesame formula” body oil when I pre-game for cold weather running.


So, oil up and get going!

*Special thanks to Nnenna for this lovely tip.


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2 Responses to 8. Oil up!

  1. Ken Halla

    I have been using Vasoline since coaching in Boston. The girls on my team hated it, but liked the fact that their faces didn’t freeze. When I came back to VA, they have me a tub of it that was so large it lasted for 20 years!

  2. Ken Halla

    I have been using Vasoline ever since I moved to Boston almost 3o years ago. The girls on my teams hated it, but liked the fact that when it was 10 degrees and we were doing intervals they could still talk!

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