23. Thumbs up!

Running tip #23

Friday night means movie night in many households, so if you’re an inspirational sports movie buff like I am … and it’s too hard to wait a whole month for McFarland, USA to hit the box office … then for tip #23 I recommend UNC XC-man, Michael McGowan’s near-perfect film, Saint Ralph.  Available on Netflix and Amazon instant video.


For the under 12 set, parents you may want to ask your kids to refill the popcorn bowl during the pool scene.  But, other than that, this movie is a must-see for every running family – especially Catholic running families:

Father George Hibbert: All I have to do is hear your confession. Then I can absolve you of your sins, and guess who’s pure.

Ralph Walker: Father Hibbert, why didn’t I think of that earlier? I could have been sinning all along!




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