24. Seedlings (don’t) turn overnight to sunflowers.

Running tip #24 – With speedwork and long run mileage, always apply gradual progress.

This morning I am headed over to have a reunion of sorts with a few of my cross-country teammates from college.  I remember well my first day of practice as a bubbly freshman on the beautiful campus at the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill.  I had come from a low-mileage running program in high school – one where all season long we worked up to a 7-mile run called “Thermal” – so when my new UNC coach assigned a ten-mile run for that very first day, well, let’s just say some of my freshman bubbles popped.  At around the 8 mile mark, I started crying. “I can’t make it.”

“Sure you can, Little Hot Rod,” my bold (cough cough) bossy! captain encouraged, dropping back to run with pitiful me.  And I did make it, eventually, through those last ridiculous 2 miles but it was so wrong to make a freshman run 10 miles without a gradual build-up.  ChiRunning explains:  http://www.chirunning.com/blog/entry/applying-gradual-progress-to-distance-running


For tips #25 and #26 I will share my simple formulas for speed and endurance adaption.

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