63. smoothie a go-go

Running tip #63

It’s March … so spring is coming!  For today’s tip, let’s break out the blender in celebration.  Here’s a groovy personal blender from Oster that I love for my post-workout smoothies.  You simply put all the ingredients in the convenient to-go container that has a screw-off blade attachment and a screw-on lid.

.  BLSTPB-WBL-000-1

This quick-n-easy recipe is very berry good:

fill the container 2/3 full with mixed frozen berries 

add vanilla yogurt (for the other 1/3) to fill the container 

pour orange juice over all until it covers the berries

make sure everything is loosely packed … then blend thoroughly


Eat with a long teaspoon while soaking in the tub … or use a straw for a smoothie-on-the-go.


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