52. Travel well … with the “M” fartlek.

Running tips #52, 53, and 54

If you have to leave your home training routine for work or vacation, try these three simple workouts that I say “travel well:”

1.)  The M fartlek

First of all … what is a fartlek?   The term comes from a Swedish word for “speed-play,” invented by Gösta Holmér – a 1912 Olympic bronze medalist in the decathlon who went on to coach Sweden’s cross-country team in the 1930’s.


I call my travel fartlek the “M” because it is shaped like an M.


After warming up with a 10-minute jog, run 1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1 minutes hard with 1:00 recovery between each, like so:  On the bottom line of the ruled paper, you run hard for 1:00, then jog a minute (in the white space between lines);  then on the dotted red line you run hard for 2:00, jog a minute recovery; then on the top line run hard for 3:00, jog a minute recovery … back down to 2:00 on the dotted red line, etc. until you get through writing your “M” for a total of 25 minutes of fartlek.


Cool down 10 minutes jog.

Forty-five efficient minutes.

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