51. Become a student of the sport.

Running tip #51 …

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”– Sir Isaac Newton


My 17th century lit. professor at UNC first introduced me to the phrase, “pygmies standing on the shoulders of giants.”  Throughout my running and racing life, I have made it my practice to actively seek out and learn from the giants in our sport … even traveling across an ocean to find a coach in Harry Wilson after I graduated from college.  In my wide-ranging research (that continues to this day), I have never come across a runner more interview-worthy than my fellow statriot, Tony Waldrop.


Here is a link from my old blog,  Songs of Experience, where I posted Tony’s interview:

Sir Tony Waldrop

Dear pygmies, read and learn!

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  1. joannesbitmabe

    And here’s a link to another Waldrop interview on Let’sRun:

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