86. door food

Running tip #86

Everyone knows you are supposed to eat within 30 minutes after a race or workout for optimal recovery … but most of us don’t have (or take) the time to prepare a post-workout snack before heading out to run.  We often go straight from running to chores to shower to work without eating anything for HOURS after a run.  Waiting to eat until your stomach growls like a lion is far from optimal …

so might I suggest keeping a steady supply of what I call “door food” in your car or work/school backpack.  Door food is so named because of friend of mine who always had power bars and cliff bars in the door pocket of his truck. He actually replaced them on a regular basis like one refilling a larder.

Another option is to pack a mini igloo cooler with ice and a mango tango or chocolate milk for carbohydrate, protein, and electrolyte replacement.


Your taste buds will thank you now … and your sore muscles will thank you later.

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