11. Go to church on Sunday.

Running tip #11

Some runs are sacred.  A former athlete of mine from the Carrboro Athletics Club referred to his Sunday long runs as “the church of the trail” because he understood what can, and often does, happen when you go to the sanctuary of the forest early on a Sunday morning.  It’s meditative to commune with nature when you run alone, but when you share the space with a loved one it becomes … well, for want of a better word … holy.  One of the reasons I enjoy the holidays (the Holy Days) is because my oldest daughter returns from college for almost a month and we get to run together “from the red gate.”  The trees serve as our cathedral; our choir is the birds; our congregation the deer (with the squirrels rustling distractingly in their “pews”)  and our fellow parishioners nod their runner version of “peace be with you” when we pass each other on the trail.  I love my church and I am thankful my daughter shares my faith.

Remember the old Wedding Song from the 70’s that was played soulfully with acoustic guitars at every groovy outdoor wedding?

Oh the marriage of your spirits here has caused Him to remain

For whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name

There is Love, there is Love.

Well, it’s 2015 now so that pronoun needs to be updated.

For whenever two or more of you are gathered in his/her/it’s name,                  there is love.


Peace be with you.

And also with you.


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2 Responses to 11. Go to church on Sunday.

  1. paula gilland

    LOVE THIS POST! You are so right!

  2. Kel

    One word… LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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