21. strange and surprising fruit

Running tip #21

Years ago my artist friend, Julia, gave me what I thought at the time was a very strange gift … a tiny bottle of esseitial grapefruit oil from the Weaver Street market (a co-op, of course).


This was way before the whole aromatherapy craze, so I inquired, “Uhh, thank you?”  I had just finished my one and only marathon (the subject of another post, to be sure) and she explained, “It’s for your muscles.  For recovery.  Put several drops in your bath and soak that marathon soreness away,” which was hilarious coming from Julia because the longest workout she’d ever done in her life was a 3:00 ride on a stationary bike.  No, that does not read 3 HOURS;  it was actually only 3 MINUTES (“Without stopping!” she qualified, quite proud of her effort).  Haha.

Anyway, Julia may not be what the Germans call “sportive,” but she certainly is one hip chick who can take credit for today’s tip #21:  After hard wokouts, soak in a hot tub with 8-10 drops of the essential oil of grapefruit.

Interestingly, a recent article on 7-surprising-things-that-can-help-you-stop-worrying lists “smell a grapefruit” as number 2.  But please change number 5 to running – not walking – in the woods (unless you are Julia).


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