30. Mark my words.

Running tip #30


Whenever I buy a new pair of running shoes, I take out my Sharpie and mark the back with a “new” label while demoting my former new pair of shoes to “old.”  This is especially important if you tend to buy the same brand and model or if you purchase two pairs at a time that look exactly alike.  I have heard of some folks who write the date on the back to keep track of their number of miles run in a shoe before needing a new pair.  Nowadays, a new shoe lasts for about 300 miles before going “flat” compared to the good ‘ol days before planned obsolescence when you could wear a pair for at least 500 miles (through a 10 week summer of 50 miles a week) and often longer.

It is critical to injury prevention that you rotate your shoes properly.  I use my “new” pair for workouts and long runs (or any time I am forced to run on the road);  I use my “old” shoes for soft surface running on recovery days; and I use my old-OLD shoes for mud running 🙂



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