46. Keep your feet warm and your shoes dry.

Running tip #46

When it’s cold & wet outside and you must trek through show/slush/rain on every run, keeping your shoes dry is a top priority.  I’ve already explained how you should rotate your trainers so they’ll last longer … well, during rainy season, you may want to try this nifty trick for drying your shoes between rotations.

First, take your wet shoes off immediately after you run and put your slippers on.


Next, loosen the laces and take the inserts out of your shoes so you can stuff them with old newspapers or paper towels.

wet shoes

Then, overnight, place the shoes and inserts at the bottom of your fridge where the vent blows hot air.


Finally, in the morning (though your kitchen will be decidedly stinkier) your shoes will be dry and ready to run!


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