36. immovable feast

Running tip #36 … Establish at least one hard day in your training week that is fixed.

Ideally, you should have two fixed days (one for speed and one for tempo) but let’s get started with just one immovable day.  I refer to any non-fixed day as *a moveable feast because you can maneuver recovery runs, swims, weights and morning runs around that anchoring workout, like a basketball player must keep his/her pivot foot planted.  Schedule every other workout around this pivotal day as the top spike in the heartbeat of your week.


After having raced on Saturday, week-end warriors often choose Tuesday as their “spike night” (haha, b/c its often a track workout), but I like Wednesdays because it gives me the option of adding a Monday hill or interval session to my work week.  Once you designate and commit to your fixed day, you can start inviting others to join you every ______ day at the ________ location.  Fill in the blanks and stick to it until the end of time, or at least until your heart stops beating.

* A Moveable Feast is also the title of a memoir by Ernest Hemingway, who would certainly have understood the importance of executing one true day, one true heartbeak spike, every single week.



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