1. Start where you are.

Running tip #1

There is no perfect time to begin anything.  There is only today.  Simply press “play” and begin.  Now.  When I was in 9th grade I wanted to try the mile in a track meet but my PE teacher/track coach down in Pelham, Alabama (her name was Ms. Frances … and, being in the south, I don’t recall if Frances was her first or last name or if Ms. – pronounced “Mizz” – was a Miss or a Mrs.) wouldn’t let me race it until I could run “twelve laps around the track without stopping.”  So, on day one I ran one lap … with a plan to add a lap a day until I made it to 12 laps in a row (3 whole miles!).   Since I was a kid and didn’t know anything, I was free to just start where I was.  Day 1 for me in April of 1977 was run one lap around the Pelham high school track.

Day 1 for me on January 1, 2015 is write the first of 365 running tricks.




p.s. after 12 days and 12 laps I raced my first mile in 6:04

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  1. Happy New Year Joan! I’m so glad you’ve started this. I’ll tell you right now i’m not a runner and never never never will be, however, I love your stories and how they make my brain think differently, which just might make me get my fat butt off the couch and move more consistently.
    I’ll be reading 🙂

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